Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A book, a good book

Everyone comes here looking for bikeshop dudes talking about the bikeshop life. But there ARE other things. Hence the movie reviews.
Today, instead of the planned, "Just Bring the Bike in" episode, I have got to tell you about Neil Gaiman's, The Graveyard Book. Just fantastic. As you well know, I enjoy the graphic novel, so Gaiman is not an unfamiliar name(He wrote the Sandman graphic novels, great stuff) I had only read one collection of his short stories early last year but I had just seen in the local screed that his new children's book(Screw that "children's book" hype, a book is a book) had won a Newberry medal. So I had to run around the corner to the LBS(Also stands for local book shop) Quail Ridge Books, to see if they had a copy. Alas, the shelf was empty, but the kind lady in the children's sections searched thru the UPS delivery and found me a copy. They provide the same kind of great service the other LBS(That would be us, the Local Bike Shop, duh)brings every day.
So short post. Go buy the book, The Graveyard Book, then make some tea or pop a beer and settle in for a quiet evening. It is a great read(on page 221), gotta go.

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