Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another day at th... Part Dos

The last post was supposed to be about my action packed day off. Kinda veered off a little there. Hey, new bikes are exciting.

Anyhoo, I usually go for a couple hour ride on my day off but I left my road bike at work because it was raining last night and I can't mountian bike because all the trails are closed. So I decided to go for a..., a.... Dammit, a run. Oh how I hate thee, one foot in front of the other, again and again. You pretty much have to be Forest Gump to actually enjoy it. Grabbing the only dog(Faye) that likes to run, we went out for a couple of miles. I also got a great upper body work out as Faye is a feral dog and not fully trained yet(Can I go left? Can I go right? Can I go back? repeat)

So I thought I would bring up my dogs. everyone likes to talk about their kids and everyone else loves to listen(That is B.S. I know. Tough)

Here is Faye. She is our newest and sweetest. Does she not look cute in this picture? Just so you know, It toook 23 tries to get one shot with her looking at the camera. We got her from a rescue. She was a feral they caught, and we were the lucky? recipients. Today we went for a run(Til I found some abandoned rebar, I had to grab that. In addition to being a sucker for dogs and working on bikes, I also do metal sculpture. Can't pass up free art supplies) Then it was time for heavy duty brushing. You could power the world if you could harness the ability of a Husky to shed.

Next we have Grey also known as the PoohBear. Found him at the pound, being a huge Road Warrior fan, I could not say no to this very intense cattle dog. I have had him ten years and he still acts like a pup. Today we got some intense ball chasing done as well as brushing time.

Finally bath time with Schultz, AKA The Stink. Another feral dog, this little buzzard ran into the house when my wife opened the door to check out a pack of dogs running thru the yard. Yes, I live in an area where packs of feral dogs run thru your yard. And there is gunfire(Not kidding).

He has a skin condition and needs to be bathed more often than I do(maybe not quite)

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