Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wake forest criterium

Here it is. After a long day in ther hot sun, time to talk about it. Today was the Wake Forest criterium. I thought I would be in the wheel pit, but no, it was to be safety guy for CycleSafe.Org . That was fine. They are a good group promoting bike safety to little kids. And there were lots of little kids. Checking out these bikes makes you wonder just how much concern parents have for their kids, or if any one owns a pump. Just about every bike had issues, from near zero air pressure, to stems and seat posts so far past the max line there was less than a half inch in the frame, to missing hardware and bikes two sizes to small.
There was an issue with a couple of local business people that the criterium would force them into bankruptcy. Judging from the number of people rolling into the cafeteria of one of these whiners, about fifty yards from my work station, the bottom line was hardly at risk. As for me, this was my first time to WF in more than twenty years. We, the Bride and I, plan on heading back to check it out in the near future as do many of the people I talked to during the day.
The most recent news(This does not show the ranting from earlier in the week, which seems to be missing?) :

Not only was the work station in a area with lots of parking it was also near a great corner. A left hand sweeper from a down hill straight. It was great to see the pack sweep thru. Of course, I have not uploaded the picures yet. maybe tomorrow.

P.S. A non bike aside,Southern Classic Cars, was the only bright spot in the empty(abandoned) shopping center we were set up in(Unless you love the Dollar General) Lots of classic steel from the thirties to the sixties. Worth the look if you feel some old car love.
P.P.S. I promise to learn some html so the links will be imbedded(is that what it is called?) in the word rather than as a seperate link. Apologies, I am lame to some extent.

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