Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another day in th... Part Tres

Still the day of rest is not done. Nor has it involved much rest. My wife is having a problem with her car, a Honda. I believe it may be a fuel pressure issue and whip out my trusty fuel pressure tester. Only to find no port to test with. Hmmm. I run down to the local Zone. They don't got one, never seen one. I call my oldschool parts shop Loop Rd Auto Parts. They don't have an adaptor either. The closest Honda dealer is almost an hour away. That is not going to happen. The solution? Make my own adaptor. The bike related part is where I silver solder the parts together(That is how frames were made before alluminum).

I present how to make a fuel rail adaptor for a Honda.

First you need a 6x1mm capscrew 20mm long and a 1/4" flare union. The tester part, that will not work with a Honda, is shown with them.

Now you want to cut one of the nipples off the flare union, remove the zinc plating from the capscrew, and file them both nice and smooth.

Now you drill a hole thru the 6mm bolt.

Finally silversolder the two pieces together.

Now you can find out that the fuel pressure was not a problem. Just like I did. Oh well.

I promise to be back, full on, with bike only prattle tomorrow.

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