Friday, September 19, 2008

Jersey Girl

Well, Jersey Girl drew the short straw.
I pretty much only have a three asterix rating system: *** I liked it ** I didn't like(mostly) but kept my fingers crossed for something good so give it a shot. * I turned it off and watched a CSI rerun.
I have to give this flick ***. I enjoyed it. The only reason I can see bad reviews is that thirty somethings that still revel in how awesome Clerks was were pissed this did not have multiple in jokes involving Star Wars and oral sex. And Clerks was great, but maybe Kevein Smith has grown as a writer/director since 1994. I mean, just look how he learned how to pan and track with the camera(JK, I love you Kevin)
Just in case you are worried you only have to SPOILER{{ tolerate JLo for about twenty minutes}}Spoiler.
This movie will grab ahold of your heart strings if you have any. If you are heart string deficient give The Rundown a try(Also gets ***)
Worth watching, good direction, great dialogue. Not one for beer nite with the guys but a good choice for an evening with that special someone(s)
I almost forgot, great performance from George Carlin. Really brought me back to his earlier stuff before he got so angry. I miss him.

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